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CAREY B. Reilly is a member of Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, and is based in the firm’s Bridgeport, Connecticut office. She has helped lead the firm to several landmark victories within the courtroom in cases concerning medical malpractice, negligence and aviation. Reilly has been with the firm for over 35 years. What drives her practice of law is the desire to champion the interests of the unheard, the disenfranchised, the forgotten. Leveling the playing field so the “little guy” can fight the establishment on equal terms is the true power of the law in her view. For decades, Reilly has fought to expand the time limitations a victim has to sue a negligent party. On this issue alone, she has argued eight times before the Connecticut Supreme Court. One such victory was on behalf of a Koskoff client who was unknowingly infected with the AIDS virus 13 years earlier when she received a contaminated blood transfusion as a teenager. In this landmark decision, Reilly won her client the right to sue. She has also fought to change the law which, due to her efforts, now prohibits gender discrimination in jury selection and allows a person to sue for injuries caused by a social host’s negligent service of alcohol to minors. Every year since 2006, Reilly has lectured to hundreds of Connecticut trial lawyers regarding the notable supreme and appellate decisions of the prior year. She is also an editor-in-chief of, and frequent contributor to, the Connecticut trial lawyers’ publication FORUM. Reilly earned a BA from the University of Connecticut, and a JD from the University of Connecticut School of Law.